Zeyrek Mosque

Istanbul, Turkey

Zeyrek Mosque

Zeyrek Mosque (in Turkish: Zeyrek Camii) or Monastery of the Pantocrator (in Turkish: Pantokrator Manastırı), is a significant mosque in Istanbul, made of two former Eastern Orthodox churches and a chapel. It represents the most typical example of architecture of the Byzantine middle period in Constantinople and is, after Hagia Sophia, the second largest religious edifice built by the Byzantines still standing in Istanbul.

The complex is placed in Fazilet Sokağı, in the district of Fatih, in a popular neighborhood which got its name (Zeyrek) from the Mosque, and less than one km to the southeast of Eski Imaret Mosque. It is picturesque but (as of 2007) decayed and dangerous in the night hours.

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