Gambir railway station

Jakarta, Indonesia

Gambir railway station


Gambir Train Station (Indonesian: Stasiun Gambir, station code: GMR) is a major railway station in Gambir, Gambir, Central Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia. The station is located on the eastern side of Merdeka Square. It was built during the Dutch East Indian era and renovated in the 1990s.

Currently Gambir Station serves as a terminus for most intercity trains operating across Java Island. One of Jakarta's main commuter lines, the KRL Commuterline Bogor Line (to Bogor) pass through this station, but do not stop here. There are however, plans to reactivate the station as a stop for commuter, due to high volume of passenger that board and exiting from Gambir's neighboring-commuter only stations (Gondangdia and Juanda station). Originally, only executive and business class trains use Gambir Station, while all economy class trains and some executive and business class trains use Pasar Senen railway station instead. Since ca. 2016, the norm has changed when KAI introduced new types of economy class coaches in higher class trains e.g. Argo Parahyangan, in line with plans to gradually abolish business class trains.

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