Kalijodo Park

Jakarta, Indonesia

Kalijodo Park


Kalijodo Park (Indonesian: Taman Kalijodo) is an urban park at Penjaringan, North Jakarta, Indonesia. The park has a land area of 3.4 hectares (8.4 acres) and located by the side of Krendang River, which was formally opened on 22 February 2017. The park is built after demolishing a red light area.

Kalijodo was not always been infamous for prostitution, gambling and alcohol sales. It was a neighborhood for Chinese Indonesians. During 1950's, It was also a favorite public place to roam around, as the Angke River was clean and with many trees and greenery, which in turn made the area a popular spot for young people to gather. In Indonesian, kali means ‘river’ and jodoh ‘mate’ or ‘soulmate’. The name stemmed from a matchmaking ritual that developed as part of the Chinese Peh Cun holiday, which is the celebration of the hundredth day in the lunar calendar. One tradition in the celebration of peh cun is a water feast. During the festival youngsters would ride on boats down the river and throw bean cakes to members of the opposite sex who caught their eye while floating side by side. Conversely, if a woman accepts, she would throw back with a similar cake. This tradition ceased in 1958 after then Jakarta Mayor Sudiro, who served in 1953–1960, banned Chinese cultural celebrations.

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