Rumah Cililitan Besar

Jakarta, Indonesia

Rumah Cililitan Besar

Rumah Cililitan Besar ("Cililitan Besar House"), also known as simply Cililitan Besar or Lebak Sirih, is a former Dutch colonial country house located in Cililitan, Jakarta. It was known in Dutch as Landhuis Tjililitan Besar. It is located next to the complex of Soekanto Indonesian National Police Hospital. The architecture style of the building is a prototype for a late 19th century Dutch country house style known as the transitional Dutch Indies style.

The building was formerly the estate of Hendrik Laurens van der Crap, built circa 1775. During the World War II, the house was occupied by captain Kentaro Tanaka, commander of Kampong Makassar internment camp. After World War II, the building was used as police dormitory, and later left to deteriorate. Since the 1980s, the house has been slowly reoccupied by squatters until its deteriorating condition today. Despite its status as a protected heritage of Jakarta, the structure has been left to deteriorate.

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