Satriamandala Museum

Jakarta, Indonesia

Satriamandala Museum


The Satriamandala Museum (also spelled Satria Mandala Museum) is the main museum for the Indonesian Armed Forces. Opened on 5 October 1972, it is located on 5.6 hectares (14 acres) of land in South Jakarta and holds numerous artefacts, weapons, and vehicles.

The museum is located on Gatot Soebroto Street in West Kuningan, Mampang, South Jakarta, and sits on 5.6 hectares (14 acres) of land; the exhibitions are divided amongst three buildings and the grounds. It is the main military museum in Indonesia. The name Satria Mandala derives from Sanskrit and translates as "a sacred place for the knights". The museum is open to the public and has archives for persons researching the history of the armed forces.

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