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Yangpu (杨浦区 Yángpǔqū) is one of the districts that comprise the city centre of Shanghai. It is located northeast of the downtown core and is predominantly made up of residential communities. It is also home to the main campuses of two of China's most prestigious universities, Fudan University and Tongji University. For shoppers, the commercial core of the district is near Wujiaochang (五角场 Wǔjiǎochǎng; literally Five Corners Square) with a large group of shopping centres, restaurants, and entertainment surrounding a major roundabout.

The best way to get into Yangpu District from downtown Shanghai is by taking Shanghai Metro Lines 8 or 10 northbound. Both lines connect important locations in downtown Shanghai (Line 8 from People's Square; Line 10 from East Nanjing Road and Yuyuan Garden) and traverse through the district, ultimately terminating in the northern reaches of Yangpu. In addition, Line 10 connects directly to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, both important transportation hubs. Numerous bus services also connect Yangpu and the surrounding areas.

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