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The Gurdwara Gyan Godri Sahib, also known as Gurdwara Sri Gyan Godri Sahib, meaning "treasure of knowledge" was one of the holiest Gurdwara at Har Ki Pauri, Haridwar in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It existed at the place where The Bharat Scouts and Guides office exists today at the market in Subhash Ghat of Har Ki Pauri which is verified by Municipal Corporation Haridwar records of 1935.

In 1504–1505, the first Guru of Sikhs Guru Nanak Dev visited Haridwar during his first Missionary travel (Udasi). He saw Brahmins (priests) in river Ganga offering water to rising Sun God towards east intended to reach the spirits of there deceased ancestors. He started throwing water in opposite direction which made Brahmins curious and surprised. When questioned, Guru Nanak replied he is watering his crops in fields at Kartarpur. If water can reach can reach sun it sure can reach his far away fields in Kartarpur. Guru Nanak taught them lesson of living superstition free life.

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