Kantang, Thailand

Kantang railway station is a railway station located in Kantang Subdistrict, Kantang District, Trang. The station is a class 3 railway station and is located 850.082 km (528.2 mi) from Thon Buri railway station. This station is the terminus of the Kantang Branch Line. The station building has not been renovated and therefore has retained the original wood designs. The building is separated into two parts: the main building and the verandah (platform), in which both are painted mustard yellow lined in dark brown, a unique feature of the station, including the incorporated 'Love Station', an air-conditioned coffee shop with photogenically popular exterior. Kantang Station's architecture has been preserved and registered under the Fine Arts Department. Well visible from an approach by road, stands a once modern type passenger train permanently exhibited, behind the normal tracks as seen from the station building.

This station opened in April 1913 for the Southern Line section Huai Yot-Kantang. In the past the line was extended further about 500 metres to Kantang Port, so cargo from international trade with Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia could be transported by rail. The section has ceased operations since the 1960s and route been dismantled.

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