Jal Binayak Temple

Kathmandu, Nepal

Jal Binayak Temple

Jal Binayak (Nepali: जलविनायक) is a Hindu Temple of Lord Ganesh located in the Chobhar, central part of Kathmandu District, Nepal. The Jal Binayak temple is the most important Ganesh shrine of the central region Kathmandu. It is one of the four Binayak of Kathmandu Valley.

The temple was built initially in 723 NS) by Malla King Shiva Singh Malla. After 83 year the Gajur was added to the top of the temple in 789 NS by Malla King Sri Nivas Malla of Patan. The present structure of the temple was reconstructed in Pagoda Style in 871 NS by King Rajya Prakash Malljaf a of Kathmandu.

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