Naradevi Temple

Kathmandu, Nepal

Naradevi Temple

Naradevi Temple (Nepali: नरदेवी मन्दिर), also called Swetakaali Temple an ancient Hindu temple located in the older parts of Kathmandu, Nepal. It is believed that occult and tantric rituals are performed in the temple and there is a female energy in the temple. The goddess housed in the temple, Sweta Kali (or White Kali) is believed to receive human sacrifice in the ancient times. The goddess is also referred as Neta Ajima by the Newar community. The goddess is also considered to be the mother of the goddess Kumari Chandeswori Bhagwati.

On the tenth day of Dasain, Khadga Jatra is celebrated in the temple. Various swords (Khadga) are taken to the temple in a grand procession and revered with traditional tantric rituals. Buffalo slained in a single blow is sacrificed to mark the event of Nawami.

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