Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Kathmandu, Nepal

Narayanhiti Palace Museum


The Tribhuvan Sadan (Nepali: त्रिभुवन सदन) is a mansion in the Narayanhiti Palace, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is known for being the site of the Nepalese royal massacre where ten members of the royal family, including King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya, and Crown Prince Dipendra were killed. The mansion was formerly occupied by King Tribhuvan and his family and later by Dipendra, Crown Prince of Nepal. The Tribhuvan Sadan was demolished after the orders of the Queen Mother Ratna however It is currently being reconstructed.

King Tribhuvan lived in the Tribhuvan Sadan with his family and he rebuilt the mansion after it was destroyed by the 1934 Nepal earthquake. It was originally known as the Happy Cottage but it was later renamed after King Tribhuvan. It was later occupied by Dipendra, Crown Prince of Nepal who had lived with his family at the Shree Sadan, but, he had moved after the coronation of King Birendra as the king of Nepal as he was not allowed to live with his father until he turned 18 due to royal tradition.

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