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Kengtung (Shan: ဝဵင်းၵဵင်းတုင် [weŋ˥ keŋ˥ tuŋ˨˦]), also spelt Kyaingtong (Burmese: ကျိုင်းတုံမြို့; MLCTS: kyuing: tum mrui.; [tɕaɪ́ɰ̃ tòʊɰ̃ mjo̰]), is a town in Shan State, Myanmar (formerly Burma). It is the principal town of Kengtung Township and the former seat of Kengtung State, a minor principality. Kengtung is located on the National Highway 4 (NH4) and at the AH2 and AH3 of the Asian Highway.

Owing to Kengtung's proximity to China and Thailand, the city is known by a number of exonyms and endonyms. The endonym used by Tai Khun and Tai Lue-speaking locals is Jeng Tung (ᨾᩨ᩠ᨦᨩᩭᨦᨲᩩᨦ) respectively. Other Shan speakers use the exonym Kengtung. The most common exonym, Kyaingtong, is derived from the Burmese approximation of Kengtung. The exonym of Chiang Tung ( Thai: เชียงตุง, RTGS: Chiang Tung [t͡ɕʰīa̯ŋ tūŋ]) is used by Thai speakers, while Chinese speakers use Jingdong (Chinese: 景栋/景棟 Jǐngdòng).

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