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South Bandung covers the extensive residential areas of Bandung south of the railway. South Bandung encompasses a large number of neighbourhoods and districts, including Cibaduyut, Buah Batu, and Gedebage, as well as the Trans Studio theme park.

The southern border of Bandung is defined by the Padaleunyi toll road, with five exits, from west to east Pasir Koja (KM 132), Kopo (KM 135), Mohammed Toha (KM 139), Buah Batu (KM 142), and Gedebage (KM 149). The exit numbers signify the distance from the western terminus of the toll road in East Jakarta. A second main east-west road in South Bandung is Jalan Soekarno-Hatta, running parallel to the toll road, a few kilometres to the north. This road also provides an easy connection between the airport in Northwest Bandung and South Bandung.

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