Big Bamboo Lounge

Kissimmee, United States

Big Bamboo Lounge

The Big Bamboo Lounge was a bar in Kissimmee, Florida known as a popular after-work hangout for players, coaches, and fans of the Houston Astros during spring training in nearby Osceola County Stadium and year-round for employees of the Walt Disney World Resort. It was located at 4849 W. Irlo Bronson Highway, Kissimmee, FL 34746. It was known simply as "The Boo" by regulars. One of those regulars was Ralph Kent, the Disney artist who was hired by Walt himself in 1963. The front of the bar was decorated with a World War II-era ambulance and spotting tower which were maintained by customer and employee volunteers.

The bar opened in 1977 when Bruce Muir, a former World War II fighter pilot, bought the former home of a doctor and modeled the bar after those he had experienced in the South Pacific. The walls were decorated with Disney employee name tags and business cards from visitors. In keeping with the theme of the South Pacific of the 1930s bartenders wore Hawaiian shirts and featured swing music. The Big Bamboo was closed in 2004 due to hurricane damage. In December 2005, a fire destroyed the building, believed by officials to be started by vagrants trying to keep warm. The bar remains closed.

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