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Manta is a steel flying roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando. The attraction allows guests to encounter numerous species of ray before boarding a manta ray-shaped train that takes them on a 3,359-foot-long (1,024 m) roller coaster ride above the park, reaching top speeds of 56 miles per hour (90 km/h). Designed by Swiss firm Bolliger & Mabillard, Manta restrains riders in the prone position and features four inversions. The well-received attraction officially opened to the public on May 22, 2009. Their slogan is "Dive deep, fly high…".

SeaWorld Orlando revealed the concept that was to become Manta to a gathering of travel industry representatives and community leaders on April 2, 2008, although it had been in the planning stages for years. The exact specifications were not immediately revealed, but the park said it would be their largest single investment in an attraction and that it would open sometime in 2009. The park also announced that the attraction would include a roller coaster, but that it would be more than just a roller coaster. Joseph Couceiro—vice president of sales and marketing—described the ride as "the next generation SeaWorld attraction" that would immerse guests in elements of marine life.

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