Rantau Panjang–Sungai Golok Bridge

Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Rantau Panjang–Sungai Golok Bridge

Rantau Panjang–Sungai Golok Bridge (Malay: Jambatan Rantau Panjang–Sungai Golok, Thai: สะพานโก–ลก), popularly called the "Harmony Bridge" (Malay: Jambatan Muhibah), is a road bridge crossing Kolok River (Malay: Sungai Golok) of the Malaysia–Thailand border, connecting Rantau Panjang town in Kelantan, Malaysia, with Su-ngai Kolok town in Narathiwat, Narathiwat Province, Thailand. It spans to the south of the cross-border railway bridge nearby. The bridge is a part of Asian highway network AH18, including Thailand Route 4056 and Federal Route . It was built by the governments of both countries, and was officially opened on 21 May 1973 by both Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak bin Haji Dato' Hussein Al-Haj and Thai Prime Minister Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn.

The bridge is a beam bridge with box girders. The main part includes three spans, using prestressed concrete, with each length of 30.48 metres (100 ft). Each end is connected to a ferroconcrete span, with length of 9.14 m (30 ft). It is overall 109.73 m (360 ft) long, with 7.32 m (24 ft) wide road surface and 2.13 m (7 ft) wide walkway each side.

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