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Kozarje (pronounced [kɔˈzaːɾjɛ]; in older sources also Kozarji) is a formerly independent settlement in the western part of the capital Ljubljana in central Slovenia. It is part of the traditional region of Upper Carniola and is now included with the rest of the municipality in the Central Slovenia Statistical Region. It includes the hamlet of Žeje.

Kozarje is a clustered settlement west of Vič along the road from Ljubljana to Polhov Gradec. Most of the houses are on the south side of the Mali Graben. The Gradaščica River flows north of the settlement, where it is joined by Horjulščica Creek (a.k.a. Horjulka Creek). At Kozarje most of the stream of the Gradaščica is split off into the Mali Graben and the rest continues as the Gradaščica (also known as the Mestna Gradaščica 'Town Gradaščica'). South of the settlement is Kozarje Field (Slovene: Kozarško polje). The old village core is now bounded on the south by the freeway from Ljubljana to Vrhnika.

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