"Dżok, the dog" Monument

Kraków, Poland

"Dżok, the dog" Monument


Dżok ("Jock") was a black mongrel dog who, for the entire year (1990–1991), was seen waiting in vain at the Rondo Grunwaldzkie roundabout in Kraków, Poland, to be fetched back by his master, who had died there. A monument located on the Czerwieński Boulevard on the Vistula River in Kraków, near the Wawel Castle and the Grunwald Bridge.

The history of Dżok is considered by some to be one of the legends of Kraków. He talks about a dog - a black hybrid - whose owner in tragic circumstances died of a heart attack near the Grunwald roundabout. The dog was waiting there for his master. Fed by the inhabitants of Kraków, it aroused surprise and sympathy. After about a year of waiting, he accepted a new owner, Maria Müller (widow of Władysław Müller). The woman died in 1998, the animal escaped and, loitering around the railway area, died under the wheels of a moving train.

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