Floriańska Street

Kraków, Poland

Floriańska Street

Floriańska Street or St. Florian's Street (Polish: ulica Floriańska, Latin: platea Sancti Floriani) is one of the main streets in Kraków Old Town and one of the most famous promenades in the city. The street forms part of the regular grid plan of Stare Miasto (the Old Town), the merchants' town that extends the medieval heart of the city, which was drawn up in 1257 after the destruction of the city during the first Mongol invasion of Poland of 1241.

Floriańska appears on the 1257 plan of the extended city. It marks the beginning of the Royal Road in Kraków and stretches from the north-western end of the main square, Rynek Główny, to the landmark St. Florian's Gate, a distance of 335 metres (1,099 ft). There are currently 51 numbered buildings on the street (up to no 44 even and no 57 odd). It is named after Saint Florian.

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