Jama Michalika

Kraków, Poland

Jama Michalika

Jama Michalika is a popular café with history spanning over a hundred years. It is located at Floriańska Street in Kraków, the capital of the Lesser Poland region.

Jama Michalika (lit. Michalik's Den in Polish) is one of the oldest Kraków cafes. It was inaugurated in 1895 by Jan Apolinary Michalik, then under the name Cukiernia Lwowska (Lwów Confiserie). The current name, also translated as the Michalik's Cave, came into existence because initially Michalik could afford only a single room in the back, without any windows. The central location in the Ulica Floriańska 45 as well as the patisserie offering and the invitation to students from the nearby Academy of Fine Arts to eat there free of charge in exchange for their small works of art, the cafe became quickly popular.

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