Kopiec Wandy

Krak贸w, Poland

Kopiec Wandy


Wanda Mound (Polish: kopiec Wandy) is a tumulus located in Mogi艂a (since 1949 a neighbourhood of district Nowa Huta) in Krak贸w, Poland. The mound is assumed to be the resting place of the legendary princess Wanda. According to one version of the story, she committed suicide by drowning in the Vistula river to avoid unwanted marriage with a German. The mound is located close to the spot on the river bank where her body was found. Archaeological studies, conducted on site in 1913 and in mid-1960, did not provide any conclusive evidence of the mound's age or purpose.

The mound base, some 50 metres (164聽ft) in diameter, is at 238 metres (781聽ft) AMSL, and its height is 14 metres (46聽ft). Unlike the other three mounds in Krak贸w, this one is not located on a natural hill.

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