Pomnik Grunwaldzki

Krak贸w, Poland

Pomnik Grunwaldzki


The Grunwald Monument (Polish: Pomnik Grunwaldzki) is an equestrian statue of King of Poland W艂adys艂aw II Jagie艂艂o (1352鈥1434) located at Matejko Square in Krak贸w's Old Town and constructed in 1910 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald. It was destroyed in 1939 by Nazi Germans and reconstructed in 1976 according to project by Marian Konieczny.

The monument was designed by Polish sculptor Antoni Wiwulski and Franciszek Black and funded by renowned pianist and future Prime Minister of Poland, Ignacy Jan Paderewski. He wanted to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the victorious Battle of Grunwald fought between Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania against the Teutonic Knights on 15 July 1410. Initially, there was controversy where to locate the monument and various different locations were proposed including the Holy Spirit Square (Plac 艢w. Ducha) supported by Paderewski, the square in front of St. Bernard's Church and the Matejko Square. Eventually, the latter option was chosen partly thanks to its close proximity to the Krak贸w's defensive walls, which reflected in their appearance the early Jagiellonian era. The foundation stone for the monument was laid in April 1910. The project was carried out in secrecy in the Austrian Partition of Poland and even Wiwulski himself did not know the final purpose of the project when he worked on the details of the monument. The granite obtained for the construction of the pedestal came from the Vanevick quarry in Sweden owned by French company Le Granite from Abainville. Antoni Wiwulski worked on the statue of King Jagie艂艂o during his stay in Paris but the project was temporarily halted due to the sculptor's sudden illness. The figures displayed on the monument were cast in bronze by the French company Malleset. The sculptures were then transported by train from France through Switzerland to Krak贸w. The entire cost of the project is estimated at 500,000 Austro-Hungarian krones.

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