Wielopolski Palace

Kraków, Poland

Wielopolski Palace

The Wielopolski Palace in Kraków, Poland, is the location of the Kraków City Council and the office of the President of Kraków. The palace and the courtyard buildings are located between the All Saints 3–4 Square (Plac Wszystkich Świętych) and the Deputies 8–12 Street (ul. Poselska), which is the official address of the City Hall.

The Wielopolski Palace was built in 1535–1560 for Hetman Jan Tarnowski. After the death of Tarnowski in 1561 the palace passed into the hands of Ostrogski and Zamoyski families. Between the mid-17th century and the mid-19th century, the building remained in the hands of Wielopolski family. Part of the palace was made available by the owners for various societal and public purposes. There were theatre productions held at the auditoriums and art exhibitions organized including painting studio gallery of Piotr Michałowski, one of the greatest Polish painters of the Romantic period. The palace was severely damaged during the fire of Krakow in 1850; the Wielkopolskis decided to sell the burned-out building.

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