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Krasnodar is the capital of Krasnodar Krai in southern Russia, with a popolulation in 2018 of just under 900,000. Its main industries are based on agriculture and food.

In the 18th century Russia expanded south under Catherine the Great, driving out Ottoman Turkey from control of the areas north of the Black Sea. The city that grew up here was called Yekaterinodar, Catherine's Gift, and became a diverse, entrepreneurial, attractive settlement. It was fought over in the Russian civil war, and since the Bolsheviks won, they got to rename it "Krasnodar", gift of the Reds. In 1942 / 43 it was occupied by the Nazis, with much destruction and death. However many of the old town buildings have been restored, though no-one could mistake the city's landmark hyperboloid tower for tsarist architecture.

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