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Kukljica is a village on the island of Ugljan in Croatia. According to the 2011 census, there are 714 inhabitants, 98% which are Croats.

Kukljica is a tourist and fishing town on the southeastern side of the island of Ugljan close to the Zdrelac Strait, also known as the “doorway to Telašćica Nature Park and Kornati National Park”. It has 52 km2 and 75 km of coastline abounding with bays. Ugljan faces Zadar from which it is separated by the Zadar Channel which is only 3 NM wide. It is well-connected with the mainland by ferryboats. A bridge at the crossing Ždrelac connects Ugljan with the island of Pašman. The old part of Kukljica consitsts of Mediterranean architecture with orange tile roofs and is separated from the green peninsula on which the settlement is situated by a large natural inlet and port. The sandy beaches of Sabuša, Kostanj, Zelena Punta, and Jelenica stretch to both sides of the island in the shade of centennial pinewood. In the haven Kostanj there is a valuable historical monument, the restored old Christian church of St. Jerome from the 13th century.

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