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Kyoto Aquarium


Umekōji-Kyōtonishi Station (梅小路京都西駅, Umekōji-Kyōtonishi-eki) is a railway station located in Kankijichō, Shimogyō Ward, Kyoto. The station was opened on 16 March 2019, and operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West), with station number JR-E02. The station is served by the Sagano Line (Sanin Main Line).

The Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum and Kyoto Aquarium, which opened on 14 March 2014, are both located in Umekoji Park. Moreover, with the expansion of the Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum into the new Kyoto Railway Museum opening on 29 April 2016, the number of visitors increased significantly. However, they are 1.7 kilometres away from the nearest railway station, Kyoto Station. In May 2014, the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry submitted a proposal to build a new station between Kyoto and Tambaguchi, in order to increase convenience for traveller and boost the local economy. In August of the same year, the proposal was taken into consideration by the Kyoto Government.

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