Kyoto University Museum

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto University Museum

The Kyoto University Museum (京都大学総合博物館, Kyōto Daigaku Sōgō Hakubutsukan) opened in Kyōto, Japan, in 2001. It exhibits materials from the collection of some 2,600,000 objects built up by Kyoto University since its foundation as Kyoto Imperial University in 1897. Arranged in accordance with three main themes - natural, cultural, and technological history - the collection includes artefacts excavated from the Yamashina Nishinoyama Kofun (西野山古墓) that have been designated a National Treasure, several Important Cultural Properties, and materials from a number of excavations in China and Korea. The museum is part of the University Museum Association of Kyoto, a network of fourteen university museums in the city.

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