Miyake Hachimangū

Kyoto, Japan

Miyake Hachimangū

Miyake-Hachimangū(三宅八幡宮) is a Shinto shrine, in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan. The shrine is famous for worship to beneficial to children, such as baby colic, academic achievement, safe delivery of childbirth. Because Mushi(虫, parasitic worms, insects, bugs) was thought to cause baby colic(疳の虫; kan-no mushi), the shrine also has worship for power to expel Mushi. Therefore the shrine is so-called Mushi-hachiman(虫八幡). Recently, many pieces of large size of  Ema was excavated, that represent worship to expel Mushi, and the Ema were designated to National Folk Cultural Properties.

The shrine records says Ono no Imoko built this shrine in after his travel to Sui cort in the era of Empress Suiko. In the journey to Sui China, he got sick in Chikushi area in Japan, and prayed his health recovery in Usa Hachimangū. It saved his health recovery, and he could successfully accomplish his mission as kenzuishi. He built Miyake Hachimangū in his territory to thank Hachimangū.

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