Kyoto, Japan


Nison-in (二尊院, Nison-in) is a Tendai Buddhist temple complex in Ukyō-ku, a western ward in the city of Kyoto, Japan. The temple's official name is Ogura-yama Nison-kyō-in Keidai-ji (小倉山 二尊教院 華台寺, Ogura-yama Nison-kyō-in Keidai-ji). The temple is a popular destination during the Japanese maple viewing season (the momiji season).

The temple derives its name from the fact that there are two main images here—one statue of the founding Buddha and another statue of one who has reached enlightenment; or in short, Nison refers to these "two revered images." Both of these Heian period Buddhist statues are designated as Important Cultural Properties of Japan.

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