Nomura Art Museum

Kyoto, Japan

Nomura Art Museum

Nomura Art Museum (野村美術館, Nomura Bijutsukan) opened near Nanzen-ji in Kyoto, Japan, in 1984. The sukiya-style building has two rooms for displaying exhibits and there is also a chashitsu. The collection, based on that built up by financier Tokushichi Nomura II, comprises some 1,700 works (paintings, calligraphic works, Noh masks, Noh costumes, and tea utensils), including seven Important Cultural Properties and nine Important Art Objects.

The Museum's seven Important Cultural Properties are Tempest by Sesson Shūkei, Ki no Tomonori from the series Thirty-Six Poetry Immortals formerly in the Satake Collection, calligraphic works by or attributed to Ki no Tsurayuki, Seisetsu Shōchō, and Shūhō Myōchō (宗峰妙超), the poetry collection Sanuki no Nyūdō-Shū, and Box for a Noh mask with plovers in maki-e.

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