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Sennyū-ji (泉涌寺), formerly written as Sen-yū-ji (仙遊寺), is a Buddhist temple in Higashiyama-ku in Kyoto, Japan. For centuries, Sennyū-ji has been a mausoleum for noble families and members of the Imperial House of Japan. Located within the temple grounds are the official tombs of Emperor Shijō and many of the emperors who came after him.

Sennyū-ji was founded in the early Heian period. According to one tradition, it was founded as Senyū-ji (仙遊寺) in 855 at the former mountain villa of Fujiwara no Otsugu. According to another tradition, this temple was a reconstruction of an earlier temple, Hōrin-ji (法輪寺), which had been founded by Kōbō-Daishi in the Tenchō era (824-834). The major buildings in Sennyū-ji were reconstructed and enlarged in the early 13th century by the monk Shunjō.

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