La Herradura, Spain

La Herradura is a Spanish town which belongs to the borough of Almuñécar, in the province of Granada, Andalucía. It is located at Granada's western coast, and it is four kilometres away from Malaga.

La Herradura had settlers since prehistoric times. In the 19th century, in El Pago de la Mezquita, several tombs with remains of bronze weapons were found and in 1950, in El Sapo, there was another discovery with similar characteristics, but better documented, dated to the 15th century BC. There are vestiges of habitation from Roman times, in places such as in the country house de la Argentina, in the ravine of Las Tejas and in the construction of the old road Málaga-Almería. Also there are the remains of a hermitage or rural mausoleum from the sixth century AD, with origin byzantine, in the upper course of the river Jate. More information is available from the Islamic period and it is also known the existence of a farmhouse called "Sät" or "Xat". It is known that Abd al-Rahman I arrived to La Herradura in 755 from Damascus, prior to the foundation of the Califato de Córdoba. Numerous details are known about this period, such as the fact that it was the scene of a battle in the muladíes revolt in the 9th century. They also exported grapes from their lands, which were considered the best in the Islamic world at the time. The watchtower of Punta de la Mona, restored in the 18th century and currently converted into a lighthouse, dates from the Nasrid period.

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