Plaza San Francisco

La Paz, Bolivia

Plaza San Francisco

Plaza San Francisco a major urban plaza in the city of La Paz, Bolivia, and a frequent location for political gatherings and protests. It is located in front of the San Francisco Cathedral (from which it takes its name) as well as the Lanza Market and the headquarters of the La Paz Factory Worker's Departmental Union Federation. The plaza was enlarged to 6,163 square meters in 2011. It was designated the city's Plaza Mayor, although this title had been used in the past for the Plaza Murillo. Together with 1,140 m2 Plaza Fabril constructed at the same time in front of the Factory Worker's Federatio, it constitutes the largest open public space in urban La Paz.

It is located in the old town, and bordered on the north by Perez Velasco street, which is short segment of La Paz's main artery. Perez Velasco roughly follows the route of the now-culverted Choqueyapu River.

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