Lap Lae, Thailand

Laplae or Lablae (Thai: ลับแล, pronounced [láp.lɛ̄ː]) is a district (amphoe) in the western part of Uttaradit Province, northern Thailand.

In the past, the district office of Laplae was in Mueang Thung Yang. Later it was moved to Mon Cham Sin (Thai: ม่อนจำศีล), about 1 km north of the present location. As the location of the office was inconvenient to reach, Luang Si Phanon Mat ordered to move the district office to Mon Sayammin (Thai: ม่อนสยามินทร์). At the same time, King Chulalongkorn visited Laplae and chose Mon Cham Sin as the location of the Buddha statue named Phra Luea (Thai: พระเหลือ). This statue was made from the gold left after completion of the Buddha statue called Phra Phuttha Chinnarat in neighboring Phitsanulok.

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