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Hua Takhe (Thai: หัวตะเข้, pronounced [hǔa̯ tā.kʰêː]) is a community and marketplace in Lat Krabang Subdistrict, Lat Krabang District, and the name of the surrounding its location in eastern Bangkok.

Hua Takhe is in an old community along the Khlong Prawet Burirom, where is a confluence of three khlongs (canals) Prawet Burirom, Lam Pla Thio, and Hua Takhe. Its name meaning "crocodile's head". Because when the khlong was canalize in this area, there was an excavation to discover a small crocodile skull. It also has become the name of other places around this area were Sisa Chorakhe Noi, Sisa Chorakhe Yai etc.

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