Cawood Bridge

Leeds, United Kingdom

Cawood Bridge

Cawood Bridge is a swing bridge which spans the Yorkshire River Ouse in North Yorkshire, England. Construction was authorized in 1870, with the formation of the Cawood Bridge bridge company. It was opened on 31 July 1872 to replace the ferry, and is located about halfway between Naburn and Selby. It is the only bridge from the village of Cawood that crosses the river. It is Grade II listed.

The bridge, whose maintenance is the responsibility of North Yorkshire County Council, has a weight limit of 10 tonnes. CCTV cameras are installed to monitor traffic not adhering to the weight limit or red lights, and to allow officials to see traffic in both directions. It is the policy of the county council to prosecute any overweight vehicle, or vehicle jumping the red lights, caught on CCTV. Previous fines have been as much as £900. Crossing vehicles used to be charged a toll, but this system has since been scrapped.

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