Midland Mills, Leeds

Leeds, United Kingdom

Midland Mills, Leeds

Midland Mills is a former flax mill on Silver Street in Holbeck, Leeds, West Yorkshire, in the Holbeck Urban Village regeneration area. Since the 1980s it has been used for light industrial work.

John Jubb built the first mill on the site in 1793 but sold his business and mill in the early 19th century. The new owner took advantage of the expansion of the flax spinning industry in the Holbeck area by diversifying into the manufacture of textile machinery. This machinery was sold to local and national mills, including the mills of Leeds entrepreneur Benjamin Gott. The mills changed ownership a few years later when the owners moved to premises on Meadow Lane, selling the Midland Mills site to the Drabble Brothers who were in the employment of John Marshall at the same time as Matthew Murray. Drabble Brothers continued to manufacture textile machinery and also patented designs for cart axles until a disagreement between the two brothers saw their firm go bankrupt in 1812.

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