River Foss Barrier

Leeds, United Kingdom

River Foss Barrier

The River Foss Barrier is a floodgate that straddles the River Foss in York, England at the confluence of the Rivers Ouse and Foss just south of Clifford's Tower. The barrier was opened in 1988 after flooding from the Foss and two other becks caused more damage to properties in the city than when the Ouse was in spate. The purpose of the barrier is to prevent backing up of floodwater from the Foss when it meets the surgewater of the Ouse and cannot drain away. The pumps adjacent to the barrier move water from the Foss into the Ouse.

After many years of flash flooding, the York Water Authority commissioned the River Foss Barrier. Work on the barrier commenced in October 1986 and the barrier was opened in November 1988. The main aim of the defence is to prevent back wash from the River Ouse into the River Foss causing flooding upstream of the River Foss.

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