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Levi is one of the biggest winter sport resorts in Finland. It is in the Kittilä municipality in Lapland, by the village Sirkka. Levi is a very popular place among young people, and in addition to being a ski resort it is a significant nightlife centre for people from rural Lapland.

As a very prominent peak, the Levi fell was already known for its impressive views in the 19th century, but the area was completely roadless and hard to access. Lake Immeljärvi between the fells Levi and Kätkä has been a sacred place for the Sámi people for ages. Small-scale tourism to Levi started in the 1930s when the road from the south was completed. In those days, the visitors had to coach-surf; residing in the homes of the villagers was the only option. The first cottages for rent were built in the 1950s, and the first hotel, now called Hotel Levitunturi, was opened in 1981.

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