Blakey Topping standing stones

Levisham, United Kingdom

Blakey Topping standing stones

Blakey Topping standing stones is a small group of standing stones near the Hole of Horcum in the North York Moors. It sits at the foot of Blakey Topping hill.

There are at least four standing stones currently surviving in this group, although some of them are of uncertain status. The tallest stone is 1.9 metres high and is much-weathered and leaning. A second stone is 1.0 metres high and appears to have had its top broken off. A third stone is 1.3 metres high but has been roughly squared off and is currently being used as a gate post. A fourth stone, 1.4 metres high, occurs in an old field bank and is much-weathered and leaning. There may be a fifth standing stone, and two or three hollows in the ground may indicate the former position of other stones.

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