Dubuisson Brewery

Lille, France

Dubuisson Brewery

The Dubuisson Brewery (Brasserie Dubuisson Frères) is a Belgian family brewery founded in 1769 in Pipaix, province of Hainaut. They brew one of the strongest beers in Belgium, the Bush Ambrée at 12% ABV.

Founded in 1769 by farmer Joseph Leroy, the brewery only sold its beer to the workers in the farm and to the inhabitants of the town of Pipaix where the brewery was installed. In 1931, the brothers Alfred and Amédée Dubuisson, descendants of Joseph Leroy, decided to abandon the farm and to concentrate on the production of beer. The beers were meant to be a mix of English and Belgian beers (due to the growing success of English beers at the time), so the name of the beer was English and the production method used both English and Belgian techniques.

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