Ascensor da Glória

Lisbon, Portugal

Ascensor da Glória

The Glória Funicular (Portuguese: Ascensor da Glória), sometimes known as the Elevador da Glória (Glória Lift), is a funicular railway line in the civil parish of Santo António, in the municipality of Lisbon, Portugal. It connects the Pombaline downtown (at the Restauradores Square) with the Bairro Alto (Garden/ Overlook of São Pedro de Alcântara), operated by Carris. Although commonly described as a funicular, technically it does not qualify as the traction is not provided by the cable but by electric motors on the two cars (hence the overhead power collection). The cable merely links the two cars together so that they ascend and descend simultaneously.

In 1875, a concession authorized the Nova Companhia dos Ascensores Mecânicos de Lisboa to construct a tram along the Calçada da Glória. This concession was donated to engineer Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard in 1882.

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