Cacilhas Lighthouse

Lisbon, Portugal

Cacilhas Lighthouse

The Cacilhas Lighthouse (Portuguese: Farol de Cacilhas) is situated in the parish of Cacilhas, in the municipality of Almada, on the opposite side of the Tagus River from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. Although not functioning, it was restored in 2009 as it is considered to be an important part of the area's heritage.

The lighthouse started operating on 31 December 1885 for the purpose of indicating the southern limit of the anchorage area on the River Tagus, an area where fog is common. It consisted of a cylindrical tower, 12 metres high and with a diameter of 1.7 meters. It emitted an oil-fuelled, fixed white light over 342 degrees, with a fifth-order lens giving a nominal range of 11.5 nautical miles. In May 1886 a bell, controlled by clockwork, was added. In 1905 a device was installed to cover the light for five seconds every minute to distinguish it from the fixed lights of vessels on the river.

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