Esteiro Lighthouse

Lisbon, Portugal

Esteiro Lighthouse

The Esteiro Lighthouse (Portuguese: Farol do Esteiro) is an active Portuguese lighthouse located at Oeiras, about 10 km west of the centre of Lisbon, in parkland that also contains the National Stadium of Portugal. It is a rectangular masonry tower covered with white tiles. The south side has two red horizontal bands that serve as identification during daylight.

On August 1, 1878, two red lights were introduced at Alto de Caxias and Porto Covo. These directed the path that vessels should follow when entering and exiting the Port of Lisbon. Initially the lights were housed in wooden constructions but in December 1879, when the towers had been completed, fixed red lights were installed in both. They each consisted of a catoptric device with a parabolic reflector and an Argand lamp with two twists.

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