Gibalta Lighthouse

Lisbon, Portugal

Gibalta Lighthouse

The Gibalta Lighthouse (Portuguese: Farol da Gibalta) is an active Portuguese lighthouse located at Oeiras, about 10 km west of the centre of Lisbon. It is a white cylindrical tower with dome and red veins, with illumination being supplied by a red fluorescent light. It was rebuilt in 1954 following a landslide which destroyed the old light and killed ten people on a passing train.

Gibalta Lighthouse, together with the neighbouring lighthouses of Esteiro and Mama, were built to replace older lighthouses, originally built between 1878 and 1879 to guide ships into Lisbon's port. These consisted of a catoptric device with a parabolic reflector and an Argand lamp with two twists. The previous Gibalta light was built in 1914 and, like its predecessor, it used a fixed red light. The lighthouse was 13 metres high and 30 metres above sea level. It was not until 1951 that a flashing light was introduced.

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