Teatro Maria Matos

Lisbon, Portugal

Teatro Maria Matos

The Maria Matos Theatre (Portuguese: Teatro Maria Matos) is a theatre located in the civil parish of Avalade, in the municipality and Portuguese capital of Lisbon.

Originally, the building was designed by the architect Fernando Ramalho. But, the construction of the theatre occurred between 1963 and 1969, a project authored by architect Barros da Fonseca; a bold architectural project for the time, the site consisted of a fifteen-storey building, that integrated a hotel, a theater and a cinema. The theatre Maria Matos was inaugurated on 22 October 1969, under the direction of its artistic director Igrejas Caeiro, presenting the piece Tombo no Inferno, by Aquilino Ribeiro in honor of an actress of great prestige, Maria Matos. On its stage passed, during the 1970s and early 1980s, various companies, namely the theatrical company of RDP (Portuguese: Companhia de Teatro da RDP) under the direction of artistic director Artur Ramos, and the Portuguese Cooperative Theatre Repertory (Portuguese: Repertório–Cooperativa Portuguesa de Teatro) under its director Armando Cortez.

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