Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling

The Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling is a Buddhist organization, which main office is registered to the Office for religious communities of the Government of Slovenia. Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling is also signatory of an agreement with the State of Slovenia, and is as such the 6th religious community to have signed such agreement in Slovenia (after the four Christian faiths and the Muslim community).

Following primarily the Gelug lineage, the head of the organization, Lama Shenphen Rinpoche – a Western reborn and officially recognized tulku by the Tibetan community – has a non sectarian (Rime) type of approach. The Congregation’s teachings and practices are traditional, but are adapted to be accessible to Westerners and the life they live. A regular program of teaching exists in different countries and more periodical teachings are taking places in other countries where a study group exists. Retreats and seminars are also organized each year.

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