Ljubljana Cathedral

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana Cathedral


Ljubljana Cathedral (Slovene: ljubljanska stolnica), officially named Saint Nicholas's Church (cerkev sv. Nikolaja, unofficially also šenklavška cerkev), also named Saint Nicholas's Cathedral (Slovene: stolnica sv. Nikolaja), the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, or simply the Cathedral (Stolnica), is a cathedral in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Originally, Ljubljana Cathedral was a Gothic church. In the early 18th century, it was replaced by a Baroque building. It is an easily recognizable landmark of the city with its green dome and twin towers and stands at Cyril and Methodius Square (Ciril-Metodov trg) by the nearby Ljubljana Central Market and Town Hall.

The site was originally occupied by an aisled three-nave Romanesque church, the oldest mention of which dates from 1262. It was a succursal church of the ancient Parish of Saint Peter. An extensive fire in 1361 saw it refurbished in the Gothic style but underwent alterations when the Diocese of Ljubljana was established in 1461 and the church became a cathedral. However, in 1469 it was burnt down again. This time, it was suspected to be arson, presumably by the Turks.

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