Ljubljana Cathedral

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana Cathedral


link http://lj-stolnica.rkc.si/

phone  (01) 234 26 90

Ljubljana Cathedral (Slovene: ljubljanska stolnica), officially named St. Nicholas's Church (cerkev sv. Nikolaja, unofficially also šenklavška cerkev), also named St. Nicholas' Cathedral (Slovene: stolnica sv. Nikolaja), the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, or simply the Cathedral (Stolnica), is a cathedral in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Originally, Ljubljana Cathedral was a Gothic church. In the early 18th century, it was replaced by a Baroque building. It is an easily recognizable landmark of the city with its green dome and twin towers and stands at Cyril and Methodius Square (Ciril-Metodov trg) by the nearby Ljubljana Central Market and Town Hall.

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