National Assembly (Slovenia)

Ljubljana, Slovenia

National Assembly (Slovenia)

The National Assembly (Slovene: Državni zbor Republike Slovenije, pronounced [dəɾˈʒàːwni ˈzbɔ́ɾ ɾɛˈpúːblikɛ slɔˈʋèːnijɛ] or [-ˈzbɔ̀ːɾ-]; Slovene abbreviation DZ), is the general representative body of Slovenia. According to the Constitution of Slovenia and the Constitutional Court of Slovenia, it is the major part of the distinctively incompletely bicameral Slovenian Parliament, the legislative branch of the Republic of Slovenia. It has 90 members, elected for a four-year term. 88 members are elected using the party-list proportional representation system and the remaining two, using the Borda count, by the Hungarian and Italian-speaking ethnic minorities, who have an absolute veto in matters concerning their ethnic groups.

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