St. Peter's Bridge

Ljubljana, Slovenia

St. Peter's Bridge

St. Peter's Bridge (Slovene: ┼áempetrski most or ┼áentpetrski most, in older sources also ┼áent Peterski most or ┼áentpeterski most), also Ambro┼ż Bridge (Ambro┼żev most), is a bridge in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, that crosses the river Ljubljanica in the northeastern end of the old town. It is a continuation of Rozman Street (Rozmanova ulica). West of it lie Vraz Square (Vrazov trg) on the northern (left) bank of the river and Ambro┼ż Square (Ambro┼żev trg) on its southern (right) bank. East of it lies the Petkov┼íek Embankment (Petkov┼íkovo nabre┼żje) on the northern bank and the Poljane Embankment (Poljansko nabre┼żje) on the southern bank. The bridge is named after the nearby St. Peter's Church. It is intended primarily for motorised traffic, but is also used by pedestrians.

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